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Honeymoon is the most awaited and special moment in everyone’s life. After the hustle and bustle of wedding ceremonies, it is time to spend some quality time with your partner. Choosing the right destination for your honeymoon is very important as it will be the foundation of your memories. If you’re looking for a romantic and peaceful destination, then Jungle Park Resorts Thekkady is the perfect place for you.

Located in the lap of nature, Jungle Park Resorts is a Thekkady honeymoon resorts offers a serene and tranquil atmosphere, which is perfect for honeymooners. The resort is situated in the heart of the Periyar Tiger Reserve and is surrounded by lush greenery and natural beauty. The resort is also close to the famous Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, which is a popular tourist spot.


Jungle Park Resorts Thekkady offers a variety of accommodation options to choose from. The resort has well-furnished rooms, cottages, and suites that offer a beautiful view of the forest. The rooms are equipped with modern amenities like air conditioning, television, and comfortable beds. The cottages and suites are more spacious and luxurious, offering a private balcony and a living area. The resort also provides room service and housekeeping facilities.


Jungle Park Resorts Thekkady offers a range of activities for honeymooners. The resort provides a unique opportunity to explore the natural beauty of the Periyar Tiger Reserve. You can take a guided tour of the forest, go for a nature walk, or enjoy a boat ride on the Periyar Lake. The resort is a best resorts in Thekkady.


Jungle Park Resorts Thekkady has an in-house restaurant that offers a variety of dishes to suit your taste buds. The restaurant serves authentic Kerala cuisine as well as Indian and international cuisine. You can enjoy your meals in the open-air restaurant, which offers a stunning view of the forest.


The resort also has a spa that offers a range of relaxing and rejuvenating treatments. You can pamper yourself with a relaxing massage or a therapeutic spa treatment. The spa uses natural ingredients to provide a soothing experience.


Jungle Park Resorts Thekkady is a luxury resorts in Thekkady and a perfect destination for honeymooners who want to escape the chaos of the city and spend some quality time in nature. The resort offers a unique and memorable experience that will be etched in your memories forever. The peaceful atmosphere, luxurious accommodation, delicious food, and range of activities make it the perfect destination for your honeymoon.

Best Place To Stay In Thekkady

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Whether you are looking for an experience of equal parts adventure, wildlife and luxury, then Thekkady should be your go-to destination. With the Jungle Park Resort located at the fringe of the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, you can enjoy a unique stay experience in close vicinity to the forest. Jungle park is a jungle view resort in Thekkady. Resort is just four km away from Kumily town . Each room provides stunning views of lush greenery making you feel like being in a secluded paradise away from busy city life. All essential amenities are provided here such as Wifi, TV with satellite connection, air-conditioners and even a restaurant serving dishes made from fresh local produce.

Paradise In Kerala

Thekkady is a beautiful paradise in Kerala that offers myriad of adventure activities. From wildlife sanctuaries to treks, Thekkady offers adventure activities for everyone. To truly enjoy the beauty of Thekkady, you need to stay at the right place. Jungle Park Resorts is one such amazing luxury resort in Thekkady that offers breathtaking views of the jungles and a host of recreational activities that are perfect for those seeking an adventurous escape. With its modern amenities and well-maintained rooms, Jungle Park Resorts provides an unforgettable experience to its guests. It is one of the best places to stay in Thekkady as it offers stunning views, remarkable hospitality and hassle-free service at affordable rates.

Luxury Resorts in Thekkady

Thekkady in Kerala is one of the most beautiful and secluded places in India. It boasts rich, lush green forests and various luxurious resorts in Thekkady, Kearala that offer a unique holiday experience. Amongst the many resorts available there, Jungle Park Resorts stand out for their ability to take one to the core of nature with its exceptional, jungle-like environment and great hospitality services. From delightful stay packages offering comfortable rooms, excellent food and exciting activities, to magnificent scenic beauty of its surroundings – it has everything one would need for a perfect getaway. With its tranquil atmosphere and breathtaking views of Thekkady’s lush rainforests, Jungle Park Resorts promises an extraordinary holiday experience.

Explore This Winter In Thekkady

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Kerala has long been known for its breath taking tropical winter climate, making it the perfect destination for a honeymoon or romantic getaway. A stay in one of the luxurious resorts in Thekkady promises to take you into a wild paradise that you won’t forget, with its lush forests, wildlife sanctuaries and other natural wonders. Enjoy an unforgettable jungle park experience with all the comforts of an exotic resort – offering indulgent accommodations and delightful cuisine, surrounded by nature and all it has to offer. Whether your goal is relaxation or adventure, Thekkady is sure to provide an unparalleled winter getaway experience.

Thekkady in Kerala is known for its incredible beauty and wildlife, which makes it a perfect destination for couples who wish to spend their honeymoon away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The luxury resorts in Thekkady offer a unique stay experience with their special amenities like swimming pools, spa services and luxurious rooms.

Winter Days

If you are planning to explore Thekkady during winter season, don’t miss the opportunity to stay in one of the best jungle parks resorts. These resorts provide an array of resort services along with adventure activities like trekking, camping, jeep safaris and much more. They also offer value-added packages that allow you to take home amazing souvenirs from this beautiful place.With winter being just around the corner, Thekkady has become the perfect destination for honeymoons and holiday escapes. Explore its lush greenery, misty mountains, and rich wildlife reserves while you stay in one of its many jungle park resorts.

Kerala is known for its stunning landscapes and beautiful resorts making it a perfect getaway for a couple. While honeymooning here, Thekkady offers many different options. From luxurious resorts to budget stay options, all kinds of accommodations are available here to choose from. Whether you’re looking for an exotic surrounding or ready to experience all nature offers; you will find something as per your needs at one of the best resorts in Kerala.

So come soak up the atmosphere of Thekkady and explore its vast array of beautiful stays offered by these jungle park resorts within this winter season!

Picturesque Town in Kerala

Thekkady, a picturesque town in Kerala, is known for its tranquil lagoons and rolling hills. It’s surrounded by the Periyar National Park and Tiger Reserve – home to some of India’s most exotic wildlife, making it a great place for a winter season holiday. Among the many options for accommodation here is Jungle Park Resorts, offering visitors with the perfect combination of wilderness experience, luxury and comfort. Honeymooners looking for exclusive stay? Jungle Park Resorts has some of the best honeymoon resorts in Thekkady that offer fantastic packages specially tailored to couples. Avid explorers can enjoy nature trails and guided safaris while taking in all the sights and sounds of Thekkady’s rugged topography. With luxurious cottages built across 5 acres of private jungle reserve, this resort is one that will make your winter holiday memorable.

The Beauty of Nature Resorts

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Who doesn’t love vacations? Love for vacations becomes stronger if we can find a perfect place to stay. More than a perfect place, what affects us is the resort we choose. Choosing a resort is as important as choosing a good holiday destination. So before you start looking for resorts, you have to plan the resort that matches your vacation. Since online booking has made the process easier, finding a perfect resorts is no more a herculean task. We have to ensure that there are three major components in choosing a resort. First of all, ensure that your resort is on par with the vacation, it has the amenities you are looking for, and cleanliness.

Nature Resorts vs Luxury Resorts

The most common resorts that people usually prefer are luxury resorts and nature resorts. Among the various jungle resorts in Thekkady, Jungle Park provides the best stay experience in the midst of nature. You might think that the difference between these two is based on a single aspect. Luxury resorts will have all the luxurious facilities and helps people to enjoy the recreational activities provided by the resort. On the other hand, nature resorts involve an outdoor aspect of enjoying the nature. Yeah, that can be considered as the basic difference. But still there is something more to find out.

The place where both are situated is different. Nature resorts are located mostly in secluded areas. Away from the busy life, from the vibrancy and chaos state of the town, people find a refreshing joy. There is also abundance of reviving greenery that enchants the visitors. It can be said that while nature resorts nourishes the soul and body alike, luxury resorts focus mainly on pampering the body. We are also one of the leading luxury resorts in Thekkady. Getting lost in nature and its beauty is different from immersing in grandeur comforts; at Jungle Park, you can experience both.

Both nature resort as well as luxury resorts aim at relaxation by swiping away our stress. Nature resort does this by focusing on more natural physical exercises that connects people to nature. Some of these are yoga, trekking, and so on. Luxury resort focus on this aspect by providing superior amenities such as spas, sports, etc.

Nature Resort: Jungle Park

When it comes to providing a deeper sense of satisfaction, nature resorts always stand at the forefront. They capture our heart with their enchanting beauty. Nature lovers will definitely find great happiness and solace when they can get the best nature resorts. Spending time in the lap of nature is definitely a wonderful experience.

Jungle Park resorts provide a comfortable stay in Thekkady, the place where nature lovers like to stay. For those who wish to fully experience the richness of Thekkady, choosing Jungle Park will be the best choice. We are the be jungle view resort in Thekkady. We provide you a wonderful view to the lush forests of Thekkady.

Explore the Magnificence of Thekkady in Winter

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Do you why Thekkady has become one of the most memorable destinations of nature lovers? It is because of the lush greenery and relaxed atmosphere that makes Thekkady more beautiful in winter. A wonderful place to visit and stay, Thekkady has rich greenery filled with flora and fauna. The best time to visit Thekkady is during the winters, when she will be all adorned and cool to welcome her visitors. The Jungle Park resort is one of the top luxury resorts in Thekkady that provides a comfortable stay by enjoying the beauty of nature. The place is also known for the wildlife. Thekkady encompasses the well-known Periyar Tiger Reserve and the stunning beauty, the Periyar River. Located in Kerala’s Idukki district, this tourist destination is sure to create an impression in the hearts of nature lovers.

Things to do in Thekkady:

  • A walk through the lap of nature is the first thing you may want to do if you are a lover of nature. Many nature treks are available in Thekkady. Treks are a wonderful way to spend time for couples, and Jungle Park resorts is one of the finest among Thekkady honeymoon resorts.  The treks can take about 4 to 5 km. The most silent places of nature can be covered in this trekking. It also gives an opportunity to see different varieties of thriving fauna as well as birds and animals. These walks also enable you to feel the dense and cool atmosphere of the nature.
  • Periyar wildlife sanctuary is a beautiful place to visit in Thekkady. Taking a safari through the wildlife sanctuary will gift you with many beautiful sights. Visitors can also go for bamboo rafting and boating. The sanctuary is the repository of many endangered plants. It can be visited in-between the months from September to April. Our resort is one of the best resorts in Thekkady for family, and we provide guidance to visit Thekkady.
  • Boating is popular in Thekkady,  and it can be done in the famous Periyar lake. The lake flows through the heart of Periyar wildlife sanctuary. The boating gives an unforgettable experience as the visitors can watch the animals of the sanctuary walking beside the late. Animals can also indulge in other activities such as bathing and drinking. Boating service is available for 2 hours. Tourists can also go for bamboo rafting which is especially exciting in the cold weather.
  • Murikkady is another interesting place to visit in Thekkady that is famous for plantations such as cardamom, spices, and coffee. Kerala is renowned for its plantations and Murikkady is one the best spice plantation areas in Kerala, which also consists of turmeric, clove, ginger, vanilla and tea. As one of the premium hotels in Kerala, we offer a most enriching stay experience in Thekkady.
  • Kumily is yet another enchanting place to visit in Thekkady. It is located near the Periyar wildlife sanctuary. Nature lovers love to take a vacation in Kumily as this place has a great panoramic view and is just more than 4 km from Thekkady. Kumily also has great view of tea and spice plantations.

Resorts Exclusively Designed for You

How far have resorts influenced you during a trip? Resorts have become an indispensable part and parcel of tour. Tourists can only be satisfied to the fullest if they receive a charming accommodation. A charming stay which gives a homely touch along with the best of facilities is what tourists look for. Think of resorts that have greatly influenced you… the resorts that stay close to your hearts. Great resorts have the power to add beauty to your journey. Jungle Park is one of the top resorts in Thekkady that provides the best accommodation. Sometimes, resorts become the major source of comfort zone during your trips away from home. In this article you are about to discover why our resorts are special.

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What Jungle Park Resorts offer:

One of the finest opulent resorts of Thekkady, Jungle Park is an amalgamation of many things. It encompasses comfort, beautiful ambience, spacious rooms, best facilities, wonderful jungle view, pleasant hospitality, tasty food and many more.

We offer a serene atmosphere, away from the hectic life of the city. Our environment is sure to give you a relaxed and fresh atmosphere. The fresh air and being surrounded by fauna makes you revived and rejuvenated. It gives a feeling that you are living in the midst of a forest. The rich greenery is sure to give you a memorable sight. Being one of the top hotels in Thekkady, we provide a stunning view.

The beds of our resorts are extremely comfortable. Think about a comfy sleep. What if you do not feel like getting up from the bed as you are too comfortable! That is the type of comfort that we offer you. Large beds and a number of pillows provide you with ample space and comfort.

Large bed rooms and drawing halls are perfectly designed to give a grand look. You will be surrounded by the best of furniture and decorations. The elegant rooms and the cozy aura may attract you so much. The interiors of the rooms are well arranged and you may feel like spending the rest of the time in the room. Ours is one among the best resorts in Kerala.

Our services are exceptional. We treat our guests with great care and strive to make their stay with us memorable. Our polite and professional staffs are trained to cater to the needs of our guests. The services we provide include a spacious car parking, welcome drinks at the time of arrival, laundry services, toiletries, etc. we also work together to fulfill your special wishes. It includes arranging a quick and small birthday or anniversary celebrations according to the needs of the guests.

We provide many options for entertainment. We have specific space for arranging a campfire. It attracts many people who like to have a warm gathering along with family or friends. The pools offer recreational facilities. Game facilities are arranged for kids. Thus we are a complete package.

Thekkady: The Perfect Holiday Destination


Thekkady is the ideal place for a jungle holiday and when it comes to holidaying in Thekkady, Jungle Park Resort is your best place to stay in Thekkady. You can check out the best places to visit in Thekkady basing your stay here and also it include a lot of activities like boating, jeep safari, hiking, rafting, and more. You can also explore places like Chellarkovil, Ramakkalmedu, Idukki reservoir & Mangaladevi Temple which are the main tourist attractions in Thekkady.

The cool, pleasant climate, as well as the very peaceful and calm atmosphere that prevails in Thekkady, will refresh both your mind and body. The open grasslands, spice plantations, breath-taking waterfalls & delightful trekking trails make Thekkady a fabulous destination to visit in Kerala. The Forest Department strictly keeps the forest areas around Thekkady uninhabited in order to preserve Mother Nature. Kumily, 4 kilometres away, is the nearest town to Thekkady. You can shop for handicrafts, spices, and clothing while strolling through this town.

Unveil your senses to the tunes of Nature!!!

With its dense wildlife sanctuary, meandering roads, and panoramic plantations, Thekkady captures nature’s most beautiful artistic expressions. Thekkady and the former charm of colonial rule present in Kumily combine to make the location an irresistible attraction not to be missed while in Kerala. With its contemporary architecture, plush accommodations, and delectable eateries, Woodnote strives to be the finest hospitality destination in the Cardamom Hills, occupying the most serene and tranquil patch in the Cardamom Hills. Jungle Park Resorts is one of the top resorts in Kerala that offers a hassle-free and pleasant stay near the jungle.

The harmony of Comfort

The suite rooms are elegantly designed to bring you close to nature without sacrificing the quality of comforts provided. The Standard & Deluxe Rooms are ideal for those who want to make the most of their time in Thekkady. The rooms are once again well appointed, with all of the latest amenities to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

The Rhythm of Flavours

The multi-cuisine restaurant with an expert culinary team, serves the most enticing recipes from around the world. The restaurant’s decor, combined with the aromatic experiences, make it a popular choice for an exotic dining experience in Thekkady. 

Go With The Flow

Boating on the artificial lake near the sanctuary is fun. The Kerala Tourism Development Corporation organises two-hour boating trips from the tourist centre in Thekkady. If you’re lucky, you might see herds of Gaur, Sambar, and wild boars in the grasslands near the shores. Seeing a herd of elephants on the boat ride is an unforgettable experience. During your boat ride, you may see avian fauna such as darters, egrets, and kingfishers resting on dead tree trunks that stick out over the lake. One boat ride will take approximately two hours to complete.

Jungle Park Resort  the best resort in Thekkady and is just perfect for those who wish to experience nature at its very best – raw, untamed and beautiful. The hotel is well located and offers well-appointed rooms with all modern amenities to make your holiday at Thekkady the most enjoyable one.



Thekkady is one of the most beautiful and pure tourist destinations in Kerala. Surrounded by lush green forests of the Western Ghats, this place ranks on every traveler’s hot list. Even if you set your sights on the best hotels and best resorts in Kerala, Thekkady is definitely ticking. In addition to a comfortable stay, every visitor will be amazed by the beautiful scenery, destinations and list of activities. Jungle Park Resorts is the most luxurious resort in Thekkady that offer a pleasant and joyful stay near the jungle.

As the word has synonyms, Thekkady’s synonym becomes Periyar National Park. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is a diverse and fascinating wildlife sanctuary in India. Spread over 925 km² and is a home to wide variety of flora and fauna, including many endangered species. There is also a beautiful man-made lake created by the outflow of the Mullaperiyar Dam.

 Tigers are the highlight of Periyar Forest. In addition to the Bengal tiger population, there are also quite a few elephants here. Sambar deer, Indian bison, lion-tailed macaques and Nilgiri langurs all come to the fore when counting the country’s invasive species. Interestingly, the forest also has 171 species of wildflowers, 140 species of orchids, eucalyptus, sandalwood and bamboo. Knowing about the parks before you drive can fuel and excite travelers. Jungle Park Resorts is the best resort in Thekkady that offers you a pleasant and luxurious stay.

Discover a list of activities in Thekkady

Sightseeing for the first time is also fun. However, to fully enjoy Thekkady, you need to know the list of activities. Here we list the top activities that visitors love to enjoy.

  1. Go on a jungle trek, trekking through the forest.

Thekkady is famous for its exciting guided walks where you can hike along nature trails and witness wildlife happenings. Alternatively, you can carry the birdsong and indulge in the scent of wildflowers.

  • Choose a jeep safari in Periyar National Park

It will be interesting to see the jeep drive through the forest curves and mud formations. Spot wildlife, birds and exotic plants while heading out on a jungle jeep safari.

  • Camp in the forest

After a fun-filled stay at a luxury resort in Thekkady, look for other forest stays with a wide range of adventure activities. Spend your time in the forest.

  • Take a tour of the spice plantations.

Thekkady is a treasure trove of spices together with cardamom, black pepper, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, mace and cloves. Learn how to grow them in action and bring home some freshly picked exotic spices.

5.Don’t miss the elephant ride.

One thing you definitely don’t want to miss is visiting Thekkady Elephant Camp. You can also explore the forest on an elephant ride. Elephant safaris typically last about an hour.

Plan the right places to visit in Thekkady

1.Periyar National Park

-Distance: The Park is located 5KM from the town centre. Visitors could look for a cab or rent a car to reach their destination. 

-Open Time: 6:00 AM

-Close Time: 7:00 PM

-Spell: 1 day

-Entry Charge:  INR 45 for adult, INR 15 for children

2.Periyar Lake Boating 

-Distance: The lake is located 12KM from the main town. Visitors could look for a cab or rent a car to reach their destination. 

-Time Frames: 7 AM, 9:30AM, 11:15AM, 1:45PM & 3:30PM.

-Spell: 2-3 hours

-Entry Charge: INR 225 for adult, INR 75 for children

3.Kadathanadan Kalari Centre

-Distance: The art centre is located 1.4KM from the main town. Visitors could look for a cab, rely on local bus transport, or rent a car to reach their destination. 

-Time Frame 1:30 PM to 6: 00 PM

-Spell: 1-2 hours

-Entry Charge: INR 200 

4.Kumily Elephant Camp 

-Distance: The camp is located 1.5KM from the main town. Visitors can walk, rely on a local bus transport, or look for a cab to reach their destination.

-Open Time: 9: 00 AM  

-Close Time: 6: 00 PM

-Spell: 2-3 hours

-Entry Charge: INR 350-1500 depending on ride span.

Thekkady, an Ideal Getaway from Hectic Lives


Thekkady is the best escape spot to fill you with a sense of calmness and harmony that you never experienced before. It is a must-visit tourist destination for adventurous and nature lovers. The beautiful hills, valleys, rivers, waterfalls, wildlife and particularly the tea and spice gardens of thekkady will steal your heart.

Thekkady is one of the well-known honeymoon destinations in India, the astonishing green mountains with never-ending stretches of tea, spice and cardamom plantations and perfect valleys let this place as the key romantic places in India. For a newlywed’s, a honeymoon in thekkady is a dream come true who look over for a private romance in the lush green mountains. The romance, affection and love between newly wed amplified in this Mother Nature’s bouquet.

Our retreat in Thekkady, nestled in acres of cardamom plantations where you can enjoy breathtaking views, is perfect for families and couples seeking sheer indulgence and plenty of excitement and adventure. Jungle Park Resort Thekkady makes for an ideal getaway destination from the bustling city life.

A break in Thekkady will definitely plug you with wistful memories of stunning waterfalls, lush green meadows, tea & spice plantations and much more. Adding Jungle Park resort to your Thekkady trip will make your journey the most cherished one within the midst of charming rich natural gorgeousness.

Jungle Park Resort cater all types of tourists, from luxury to modest, and we offer substantial discounts in the monsoon season. A stay at the best resort in Thekkady surrounded by the foggy mountains bid rejuvenate the life of tourists and helps to get away from all the hustle and bustle of city life.

Pack and plan your adventure towards Jungle Park Resort the best place to stay in Thekkady. Let’s pin the peaceful land of Thekkady and turn your visit into an exciting experience. From trekking, to plantation tours, rafting, elephant walk and boating to exploring the stimulating scents at spice markets of Kumily, there are tons of things to indulge in Thekkady and you can experience nature in every form with Jungle Park Resort Thekkady.

Things to do in and around Thekkady

Periyar Tiger Reserve 

It is the prime attraction of Thekkady with many activities such as Trekking and Boating. Family travele can also afford the trekking experience if they were all fully grown up above12 years and boating is highly recommendable for all age groups.

Elephant Ride

A private activity that kids will enjoy at their best.  For adults, they have many options too such as bath and shower with elephant  and  Commanding  the animal.

Nature And Green Walk

It is an interpretive sandalwood trekking program that offers excellent opportunities to spot birds, butterflies and other wildlife migrating through a range of habitats during the 4-5 km, 3 hour trek. These hikes follow various nature trails within the park. A maximum of 5 people accompanied by a trained tribal leader are allowed on each hike.

Bamboo Rafting

This is the morning to evening hiking and rafting program through some of the richest forested areas of the PeriyarTiger Reserve. It starts early in the morning and passes through a mosaic of habitats and forests rich in birds, tree dwellers such as giant squirrels, Nilgirilangur, herds of elephants and gaurs. The rafting lasts around 3 hours and offers panoramic views of the forest-covered hills reflected in the lake.



Thekkady is a wholesome package for every traveller that wishes to enjoy a weekend getaway. If you are looking for a serenity right here in the heart of Thekkady, Jungle Park Resort Thekkady is one of the best option and the property is definitely a haven of peace and tranquillity amidst the concrete jungle. Our retreat in Thekkady nestled among acres of cardamom plantation where you can enjoy breath taking views is perfect for families and couples who love ethereal beauty of Nature.

Thekkady offers you awesome views, breath taking scenery and perfect vacation. You couldn’t have wished for a better stay in Thekkady than the lovely Jungle Park Resort. All rooms here are made available in various categories and guest can choose as per their budget and requirement. Some of the common in-room amenities include internet, air conditioning, television and tea/coffee maker, among others. The food served at in-house multi-cuisine restaurant is simply fingerlicious. You can choose from options like Indian, Chinese and Continental. Here you can avail all the luxury at affordable price.


Jungle Park Resort Thekkady is one of the best place to stay in Thekkady with traditional Ayurvedic treatments. These treatments are offered by experts who are passionate, dedicated and have good knowledge in the field of Ayurveda.


Another thing that stand out at Jungle Park Resort Thekkady is the variety of exciting activities ranging from Nature Walk, Boating and Elephant Ride. You can create lifetime memories that you will never forget with Jungle Park Resort.


If the clouds are not wet, kick start your journey trekking through the rich terrains of Periyar Tiger Reserve. If lucky, you can spot some wild species of the wild and click some rare pictures of them. While staying amongst the best resorts in Thekkady, a morning trail on foot goes highly recommended. Beyond words, a jungle trek can be most loved and thrilling activity for every travel lover.


The resort is located at a distance of 1 kilometer from the Kumily Bus Stand,150 kilometer from Madurai Airport,108 kilometers from Kottayam Railway Station.


  1. Ramakkalmedu
  2. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
  3. Elephant Junction Thekkady
  4. Spring Valley Mountain
  5. Chellarkovil
  6. Vandanmedu


The winter season is the best time to visit Thekkady as the weather is cool and pleasant, making it ideal for sightseeing. Another great time to visit Thekkady is during the monsoon from June to September. Monsoon in Thekkady have a charm of their own as the lush green setting turns greener.