Get a Hassle-Free Stay with Cozy Accommodation Between Jungles

The ultimate purpose with our vacation is to find a good time from our busy and stressed day today life. Hence to get a best trip, it is necessary to choose a best place to stay. When you visit Kerala for a vacation, Thekkady is a must visit place to visit. The natural scenic beauty, greenery, forest areas, wildlife and birds of Thekkady are very much attractive. They are attracting a number of foreign and domestic tourists to Thekkady. Jungle Park Resort is the best 5-star resort in Thekkady to offer you a great view of forest and cozy accommodation.

Look Deep into the Nature and Enjoy Earth Delights

The natural beauty of the place and the diversity in animals and birds tends to be the major attraction of Thekkady. The beauty of hills covered will green shrubs are a mind-blowing scene here. Thekkady is home to a number of plants which give vegetables and fruits. Due to the pleasant climatic condition, there are a number of rare plants grown here. The hilly areas are mostly covered with plants that bloom.

Similarly, the fauna of Thekkady is also very attractive as it is home to many rare species of animals in India. People visit here to see the wildlife, forests, plantations, water bodies, etc. The look and feel of this place will give a relaxing mood and comfortable hangout for tourists. Jungle Park Resort is one of the leading resorts in Thekkady to offer a great view of the forest areas of Thekkady.

Exciting Activities

There are a number of exciting activities you can enjoy here. Thekkady is host of a major part of Periyar river. You can enjoy an awesome boat ride here. There are also different sorts of boat rides here, it could be speed boats or usual ones. When you are on the boat ride, you will also get an opportunity to see and enjoy the habitats of forests. There are many animals you can see from the river while on a ride. Similarly, there are also options for other activities like elephant safari, trekking, village visit, farm visits, etc.

Giving you a Cozy Accommodation

Jungle Park Resort is inclined to provide you a great cozy accommodation with all luxury facilities. The interior of the design resort is well furnished and maintained. They are well kept to give ultimate luxury and hospitality to the guests. Similarly, Jungle Park Resort has an attached multi-cuisine restaurant giving you best continental food items. With excellent services and facilities, Jungle Park Resort is one of the premium hotels in Thekkady for family.  

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