All You Need for a Romantic Holiday


After marriage, planning a honeymoon is probably the best part. If your planning is not up to the expectation of your husband or wife, it could be rather exhausting. Thus, it is important to choose a perfect destination that you and your better half would like to visit. If you are choosing anything, that is not close to your mind, it could be devastating to your mood. The fact is nobody will like to ruin their honeymoon trip. All they need is a perfect honeymoon trip with a perfect location to stay. Jungle Park Resort is one of the best hotels in Thekkady to offer best stay.

Make Your Honeymoon Super Exciting

Thekkady is well prepared to make your time here awesome. The exciting scenery and pleasant climate are making Thekkady a favourite destination for honeymoon couples. Jungle Park Resort is one of the best honeymoon resorts in Thekkady. Jungle like surroundings is the main attraction here. This makes it a perfect place for romantic escape with your better-half.

At, Jungle Park Resort you can enjoy by getting the feeling as if you are inside a forest. Here you are close to the nature, close to forest, close to Mother Nature and more. Choosing Jungle Park Resort for your honeymoon will be an ideal option to begin the beautiful journey of planning the idyllic holiday with your spouse. All the above features are making Jungle Park Resort as a best resort in Thekkady.

Luxury Resort in Thekkady

We will definitely go for luxury facilities when we are on a vacation. People will go for luxury resorts when they are on their honeymoon trip. Jungle Park Resort is offering luxurious facilities with a beautifully designed and furnished interior. All the rooms and exterior of the Jungle Park Resort is well maintained hygienically to give you a pleasant stay. Well trained staffs will serve you with best services.

Jungle Park Resort has spacious and luxurious spaces. They are designed to give you a relaxing and feel fresh environment. Your time to relax and enjoy can be made more fruitful with Jungle Park Resort. All kinds of services like laundry, wi-fi, etc. are available here. The close to nature kind of set up here will help in making your mind fresh and calm from your daily busy schedules. You can definitely have a wonderful time here at the jungle view resort in Thekkady.

Get a Hassle-Free Stay with Cozy Accommodation Between Jungles


The ultimate purpose with our vacation is to find a good time from our busy and stressed day today life. Hence to get a best trip, it is necessary to choose a best place to stay. When you visit Kerala for a vacation, Thekkady is a must visit place to visit. The natural scenic beauty, greenery, forest areas, wildlife and birds of Thekkady are very much attractive. They are attracting a number of foreign and domestic tourists to Thekkady. Jungle Park Resort is the best 5-star resort in Thekkady to offer you a great view of forest and cozy accommodation.

Look Deep into the Nature and Enjoy Earth Delights

The natural beauty of the place and the diversity in animals and birds tends to be the major attraction of Thekkady. The beauty of hills covered will green shrubs are a mind-blowing scene here. Thekkady is home to a number of plants which give vegetables and fruits. Due to the pleasant climatic condition, there are a number of rare plants grown here. The hilly areas are mostly covered with plants that bloom.

Similarly, the fauna of Thekkady is also very attractive as it is home to many rare species of animals in India. People visit here to see the wildlife, forests, plantations, water bodies, etc. The look and feel of this place will give a relaxing mood and comfortable hangout for tourists. Jungle Park Resort is one of the leading resorts in Thekkady to offer a great view of the forest areas of Thekkady.

Exciting Activities

There are a number of exciting activities you can enjoy here. Thekkady is host of a major part of Periyar river. You can enjoy an awesome boat ride here. There are also different sorts of boat rides here, it could be speed boats or usual ones. When you are on the boat ride, you will also get an opportunity to see and enjoy the habitats of forests. There are many animals you can see from the river while on a ride. Similarly, there are also options for other activities like elephant safari, trekking, village visit, farm visits, etc.

Giving you a Cozy Accommodation

Jungle Park Resort is inclined to provide you a great cozy accommodation with all luxury facilities. The interior of the design resort is well furnished and maintained. They are well kept to give ultimate luxury and hospitality to the guests. Similarly, Jungle Park Resort has an attached multi-cuisine restaurant giving you best continental food items. With excellent services and facilities, Jungle Park Resort is one of the premium hotels in Thekkady for family.  

Your Perfect Wildlife Destination in Kerala


When you are on your vacation, if you want a perfect escape from the daily routine, choosing a wildlife destination is a perfect option. Thekkady is one of the best wildlife destinations in Kerala with a number of wild animals and various plants. It is well known for the rich varieties of flora and fauna. This is a major attraction for many tourists including foreign tourists. Jungle Park Resort is the best resort in Thekkady to offer a good stay near the wildlife sanctuary.

Get a Best View of the Forest

Forest is not the thing that we see all the time. It is a part not nature which is away from us and has lot of wonders with it. Feeling close to nature and staying at a place where you enjoy the vibrant beauty of nature and forest is a best thing that you can get. At Jungle Park Resorts, you can experience a best part of jungle with a great view. You can enjoy the breeze and small sounds of jungle close to your heart. Jungle Park Resort, with best facilities and services will make your stay at Thekkady a priceless experience. This makes Jungle Park Resorts as the best place to stay in Thekkady.

Resort for a Luxury Stay

For most of the people, going for a vacation is not a frequent thing. So, most of us want it to be a memorable one with having many luxurious experiences. Jungle Park Resort is inclined to provide best experience to the guests. We are maintaining all the areas of the resort in a best and hygienic manner. Moreover, we assure you a luxurious stay with our exciting facilities.

Jungle Park Resort is offering luxurious facilities with spacious luxury rooms with all the facilities. They are given beautiful balconies to enjoy the beautiful jungle and jungle life. Camp fire, pools and other features are attracting a number of visitors to Jungle Park Resort. You can enjoy multi-cuisine foods here with a hygienic restaurant attached. Above all, Jungle Park Resort is close to many of the attractive destinations of Thekkady. Thus became one of the premium resorts in Kerala to offer you a best and exciting stay at Thekkady.

Let your next vacation be in Kerala with Jungle Park Resorts, the best jungle view resort in Thekkady. You can have a wonderful time here at affordable prices. Book your room now and have a good time in Thekkady.

Stay with us and be rejuvenated for the Next Rigmarole


Taking a good break from our daily routine is essential for our mental health. Most of us will be facing one or the other kind of mental stress from our office work, businesses and from other day to day activities. To get rid of this tension and stress, it is essential to take a short break. Moreover, we must be very careful while choosing a destination for vacation and also a place there to stay. Over the years, Thekkady has proven to be a best holiday destination. Jungle Park Resort is the popular jungle view resort in Thekkady offering best services.

Salient Features of Thekkady

Thekkady is a sanctuary famous for its dense evergreen, semi-evergreen, moist deciduous forests and savanna grass lands. This place is well known for its diverse flora and fauna. Thekkady is home to herds of elephants, sambar, tigers, gaur, lion-tailed macaques and Nilgiri langurs. The forests of Thekkady are so dense and due to this, the sightseeing of elephants and tigers are rare.

Thekkady is a part of Periyar wildlife sanctuary. It is spread across 777 KM Square and most part of this area comes under dense forests. There is a splendid artificial lake which is formed by the Mullaperiyar Dam across the Periyar River. This adds charm to the park. The Herds of wild elephants, deer and bison that come down to drink water from the lake are the major attractions here.

This place is well accessed by trekking, boating or jeep safari. Thekkady is well known for natural spices like black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clove and nutmace. People choose to visit Thekkady due to the mesmerizing beauty it offers with extensive forests, water bodies, wild animals, etc.

Features of Jungle Park Resort

Jungle Park Resort is a best place to stay in Thekkady when you visit there. Here you can experience luxurious accommodation that too at a place where you feel like living in a forest. This is a good feeling that this resort can give to the clients. People visiting this area, especially from the urban areas will have a wonderful experience here. Jungle Park Resort is located at a place like jungle and here you feel you live close to nature.

Jungle Park Resort offers best rooms with high standard and facilities. Moreover, a pleasant and beautiful place is maintained near the resort. Here you can avail all the luxury facilities at affordable prices. Another important thing of most concern is our food. At Jungle Park Resort, you can get food of your choice through the multi-cuisine restaurant. There is a wide menu of food from which you can select your favorite dishes. All these features are making Jungle Park Resort as a major luxury resort in Thekkady.

Best Resort in Thekkady for a Sweet Escape


Are you planning for your weekend or vacation? Many of you might be.

We already know that Thekkady is a perfect destination for a sweet escape. You can have a good time here with best scenery and a comfortable stay. We need to get a best place to stay with high end facilities, exciting activities and a place that is cool to our eyes. Thus you must be very careful while choosing a place to stay. Jungle Park Resort is the best resort in Thekkady to offer best facilities and luxurious treatment to the customers.

Exciting Activities

Exciting activities are a necessary part of our trip, especially when we love to have adventures. Thekkady is a suitable place for adventurous youngsters to visit and stay. This is because this place offers a number of activities that you can enjoy. Jungle Park Resort is one of the premium resorts of Thekkady to offer you guidance and assistance for different activities. Few of them are like:

  • Nature Walk – This is actually a kind of activity mostly everyone would like. Other than just being an activity to do, this is offering you many benefits. Having a leisure walk is offering you numerous health benefits for your mind and body. Leisure walking helps in improving your mood. Since you walk through the nature, you will breathe fresh, smell fresh and you will get a feel of living close to nature.
  • Boating – The Lake in Thekkady is an artificial one formed after the building of Mullaperiyar dam. This cruise is unique for its one among the few of its kind in the world. This lake has more than 30 species of fishes. Boating in this lake will give a wonderful feel with sceneries of wildlife and a beautiful lake.
  • Elephant Ride – This is an exciting ride as we are moving on a big animal. Many of us enjoy with having a slight fear in mind. Anyhow it is a much exciting activity that we are not able to get in many tourist destinations. You can take amazing photos with the elephants and the unique experience of this jungle shower. This will be a plus to your jungle tour.

Jungle Park Resort in Thekkady offers a best stay near jungle. The jungle like look and feel that you will enjoy here will be memorable. The facilities and other activities that you get here is making Jungle Park Resort as one of the luxurious resorts in Thekkady.

Experience the Mesmerizing Beauty of Thekkady


Once in a while going for a vacation is as necessary as we do our daily things. This is essential for relieving stress, getting some refreshments and relaxing yourself. Moreover, you must be very careful while choosing the places for your trip. Thekkady is one of the best destinations when you are looking for an exciting holiday. Moreover, it is one of the best high range destinations in south-India. Jungle Park Resort is the luxury resort in Thekkady offering best and luxurious services.

What Makes Thekkady Special?

The wide and diverse flora and fauna is the major peculiarity of Thekkady. This makes it so special for tourists especially for the foreigners. Thekkady is well known for its dense evergreen, semi-green, moist deciduous forests and savanna grass lands. Similarly, Thekkady is home to herds of elephants, sambar, tigers, gaur, lion-tailed macaques and Nilgiri langurs. Moreover, there are also different other animals and plants that rare and exclusive to Thekkady. All these together are giving a beautiful and natural scenic beauty to the place.

Another major thing that makes Thekkady special is its climate. The cool and refreshing climate here is attracting many tourists. Many people find it comfortable and relaxing from their hectic day to day schedules. Jungle Park Resort is one of the premium hotels in Thekkady to offer best experience.

What Jungle Park Resort provides you?

Jungle Park Resort provides you the best with all the luxurious facilities. Here you will have everything for your refreshment. We provide you best services with excellent facilities and good food (both Indian and Continental). You will be provided with all room amenities like iron board, free Wi-Fi, electric kettle, hot and cold running water, toiletries, 24-hour room service, etc. Providing best and efficient services to the clients had made Jungle Park Resort popular as the best 5 star resort in Thekkady.

When you are on a trip to a hill station, campfire is an exciting thing. It is not a common thing that most of us will have in our home. This will give you a good and happy time with your family and friends. Jungle Park Resort will offer you a best place to spend your time.

Jungle park resort, as the name suggests, it is located near to the forest. This is a special vibe that you can enjoy with the sound of nature. There are a number of small and large living things that can offer you that jungle like sound, feel and look. There is no doubt that Jungle Park Resort can offer you a best time.

Top Resort Perfect for a Memorable Staycation


We all are busy with our daily things and most of us will be sticking to some kind of daily routines. Taking a break from this is what all we need and we need to have. When we have a plan for a vacation or staycation, we will definitely search best places to visit and stay. Thekkady is one of the best destinations in south-India preferred by many people. This is the due to the beauty of nature, hill station and wildlife here. Jungle Park Resort is one of the luxury resorts in Thekkady with a great view to the forest.

Resort with Excellent Amenities

Than just going somewhere and staying somewhere, all we need is staying a perfect and comfortable place. Thus it is necessary to find a best place with all necessary and luxurious amenities. Jungle Park Resort is one of the best resorts in Thekkady where many people choose to stay because of the amenities and natural scenic beauty offered here.

At Jungle Park Resorts in Thekkady, deluxe rooms are provided with luxury setups. Here you have all the necessary facilities needed for you to enjoy a luxury stay. There will be satellite TV, free Wifi, iron/ ironing board, electric kettle, toiletries, hot and cold running water, modern furniture, 24 hour room service, etc. in rooms. Other amenity at the Jungle Park Resort includes swimming pool, multi-cuisine restaurant, laundry, daily newspaper, doctor on call, campfire, etc. With excellent and useful services, Jungle Park Resort is one of the premium resorts in Kerala.

Multi-cuisine Restaurant

Good vacation or staycation needs good food. Having good and healthy food is a major thing that contributes to our happiness. Moreover, it is essential to make us feel healthy and feel good during our trip. Multi- cuisine restaurant at the Jungle Park Resort offers you a great world of food. Experienced and skilled chefs are on duty to serve you the best kinds of foods.

Here, we offer a welcome drink on arrival. We also offer complimentary breakfast both Indian and Continental. We assure you that dining at our restaurant is a delectable experience. Every meal offered here is a culinary journey. We have great chefs to work magic in the kitchens to bring you gastronomic fare from across the world. Moreover, our restaurant offer perfect ambience to savor every meal you have. All the above features make Jungle Park Resort as the best hotel in Thekkady for a good time during your vacation at Thekkady.